SJA Jeju's MUN Team attended the TASMUN Conference in Taipei

This past Saturday and Sunday SJA Jeju’s MUN team attended the TASMUN conference in Taipei, Taiwan. While there, delegates from SJA discussed and debated topics as varied as global disarmament, the state of the world's environment, and equality for women in the developing world.

This was the first international conference for SJA Jeju's MUN team and only the second international trip by an SJA Jeju team thus far. What made this trip even better is that the majority of our attending student delegates came from the middle school. This shows that our program is set to continue to expand in the coming years! While we hope that this trip will lead to future international conferences, the ultimate goal was to guide and teach student engagement on an international stage as we continue to prepare the next generation to lead.

Two students who stood out among their peers at the conference were Yun Seo (Mandy) Heo (Gr.10) and Sun Woo (Sarah) Yoo (Gr.9), who both received honors marks. Mandy excelled among her peers for her work on limiting hate crimes around the world and preserving the cultural heritage of minority groups while Sarah made her presence on her committee felt with ideas about assisting the growing number of refugees and rolling out a better system for combatting the AIDS virus in Africa. Keep your eyes open next year as SJA Jeju’ss MUN continues to grow and represent the school abroad!