Courtney Campbell Visits SJA Jeju Elementary School

Courtney Campbell is an award-winning singer/songwriter, master storyteller, writer, and musician. She travels worldwide performing for children, giving concerts and workshops. Courtney also stars in and is the co-creator/writer of the award-winning children's TV series Mustard Pancakes. Her songs and stories are some of the best most enduring ones for children that you will hear. Teachers use them extensively, kids and their families worldwide are devoted fans. She has a natural ability to write for children and connect with them “where they live” and they love it. The best way to see Courtney is at one of her delightful performances. She is a master. Her audiences are totally and happily engaged from the minute she steps on stage.

When Courtney Campbell performs the first thing you will hear in any performance is laughter. The first thing you will see is an entire audience instantly transfixed, all attention on Courtney. The next thing you will hear is children singing, with great enthusiasm, everything Courtney is teaching them to sing. The next thing you will see is a room full of young people, beaming with joy, totally engaged in the performance. In story and in song, Courtney always invites the audience in and the audience always wholeheartedly accepts the invitation.

With the grade 5 students, Courtney did a workshop around her Bing Writing program for young people. Bing Writing is a program that was developed by Courtney. Ideas are like light bulbs going off in one’s head. They sound like a “Bing!”. Through storytelling and drawing, Courtney shared how she gets ideas, what she does with them once she has them and how she turns them into songs or stories. It’s essential that kids understand they are capable of some creative ideas. They learned how to listen for the ideas, to write them down and how to turn them into stories. No child should ever have to say, “ I don’t have any ideas.” Students created their own Bing Books and were introduced to the concept of listening for ideas, trusting them and writing them down. Students were encouraged to keep the idea of collecting and to begin writing little stories or moments of their own. This was an inspiring and enjoyable writing program teachers can follow up on throughout the year.

Grade 1-4 students learned and practiced basic storytelling techniques. They worked on being expressive using face, voice and body. They made up stories and told stories from their own lives. Students worked on speaking and thinking "on their feet". They were encouraged to trust their imagination and ideas so that they can become authentic storytellers and communicators. This was a highly interactive, hands-on, and fun workshop.

Stacy Molnar, the Elementary School Principal, said, "We were very lucky to have Courtney Campbell come visit our school and touch the hearts of all our students through her magical singing and storytelling. We hope she will come back for another visit."