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Elementary School 5 Graders presented their Capstone Projects

The grade 5 students presented their capstone projects on Friday, May 31, 2019. The theme for this year was the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Turnout was great, and students were able to share all that they learned and accomplished throughout the course of their elementary careers. “We were happy to see so many parents and SJA Jeju members at this year’s event,” says grade 5 teacher Mr. Carmichael.

Students learned about all 17 of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and selected one topic within these goals to focus on.  The goals ask people to think about large issues affecting the world, and how decisions made in one place impact the global community. Students selected issues from a variety of regions and were able to show why global consensus is vital to tackling these important issues. “Diving into the UN Goals really challenged our students’ point of view by imagining different perspectives around the world and how people live a life different than their own. It’s incredibly rewarding to see this realization and expand their understanding of the world we live in,” says Ms. Eckenrode, Grade 5 EAL teacher.

The grade 5 Capstone is a culmination of all learning that has taken place in elementary school.  To that end, students were challenged to research, write, collaborate, and create. They presented on a variety of topics, from gender equality in media to airplane pollution to corruption.  In addition, students created videos, websites, prototypes, and digital presentations. “All the students worked hard and should be proud of what they accomplished,” says Ms. McIntyre, Grade 5 homeroom teacher.

This was a great way to finish off the school year, and these grade 5 students will undoubtedly find great success as they transition to middle school next year.  “These students have set a high bar for future capstone projects,” concludes grade 5 homeroom teacher Mr. Walstrom.