Kindergarten Art Project: Cave Drawings


This "Cave Drawings" art project is a Kindergarten cross curricular assignment with history. It is based on the topic of early humans and societies.

Before beginning the activity, the students examined and discussed photographs of cave paintings. This allowed the students to understand the subject matter, colors, composition, and texture of cave art. To recreate their own cave paintings, the students initially worked in their sketchbooks to draw thumbnail sketches of the scenes of everyday life depicted in caves.

As discussed in cave art, the students used little detail and a limited color pallet. Once the students finished their sketches, they began working on the final paper for the project. The students used oil pastel on crumpled brown paper, to imitate the texture of a rough cave surface.
The Kindergarten "Cave Drawings" are hung on the walls and ceiling of the hallway to recreate the feeling of being in a cave.  Come by to the 4th floor elevator in the elementary building and check out our cave for yourself!