Program of Studies

In Early Childhood, we follow a Reggio Emilia approach that provides a nurturing environment encouraging children's natural curiosity and interest in learning. The emergent curriculum is often based on the interest of the children. We offer a wide variety of developmentally appropriate opportunities to allow children to construct their own knowledge and learn through carefully planned activities. This builds upon a child’s background knowledge and experience as the teacher actively seeks out and allows flexibility while following a child’s interests. This focus on a child’s passion initiates the SJA Jeju learning journey.

Our Early Childhood is comprised of Pre-Kindergarten 3 (PK3), Pre-Kindergarten 4 (PK4) and Kindergarten groups. Our classrooms provide a warm and welcoming environment where children are encouraged to engage in social interactions with hands-on, play-based inquiry learning that supports the development of foundational literacy and mathematical skills. This allows for opportunities for children to be in charge of their own learning, encouraging them to think deeper and ask questions as they examine different ideas and theories.

We recognize that children are competent and capable learners in the context of collaborative work. Teachers intentionally engage children in meaningful work and conversations with an emphasis on building and sustaining relationships. Teachers provide opportunities for small groups of children to learn through exchanges with their peers. Children are provided situations for paying attention, hearing and listening to each other, developing curiosity and interests, asking questions and responding to them. It also provides opportunities for negotiation and dynamic communication.