SJA Jeju Elementary Student Council is made up of students in grades 3-5 that work together during after-school activities to help make our school a better place. They collaborate in problem-solving issues for the school and creating fun events such as spirit days, fundraisers and many more activities that will bring the community even closer together.

Student Council members listen to what students want and share these ideas with the ASA host teachers and administration so that student voices are heard. It is important that students have the opportunity to share their opinions and give suggestions and solutions to make the school a better place.

There are four officers in student council. These students campaign for their position and are voted into office by their peers.

  • The President of student council is in charge of leading all student council meetings, helping to plan events, and communicate ideas with the principal.

  • The Vice President helps support the President and runs any meetings should the President be absent.

  • The Treasurer keeps track of money that is raised and helps keep records of how the money is used.

  • The Secretary is in charge of taking meeting minutes and communicating what has been discussed at previous meetings.

Student Council also has grade level representatives. These are students from each grade level in grades 3-5 who will be the “voice of their grade” at Student Council meetings. They are also in charge of relaying information about upcoming events to their peers.