After School Activities

The high school ASA program allows students to discover new interests and passions – with an emphasis on learning by doing in an informal atmosphere.  Students select the activities they’d like to participate in for each season (fall, winter and spring) during our triannual activity fairs.  The ASA program encourages students to explore new subjects, to dive deeper into familiar hobbies and to use this after-school time to continue to learn and explore in a low-stakes setting.  For many high school clubs, our goal is to develop student leadership and student ownership.  Ideally, this will result in the teacher taking a backseat to the student-driven needs and wants for the club.  All of our ASAs are currently run by our faculty, and the goal of our ASA program is to allow for our teachers’ passions and interests to intersect with those of our students. 

Although the ASA offerings change from one school year to the next, we offer the following ASAs, which include several clubs that were student-led and student-initiated:

Student Council (STUCO); Math Club; Volleyball; Swimming; Cross Country; Tennis; Ping Pong; Dance Club; Fashion Design; Math Club; Drama/Theatre Club; Chess Club; Newspaper Club; Service Learning; Red Cross Youth; Jazz Band; Chinese Club; Spanish Club; French Club; Debate; Homework Club; Board Games; English Exchange Club; Korean as a Foreign Language Club; Japanese Club; Science Experiments Club; Filmmaking Club; Photography Club; Studio Art Club; DECA (Entrepreneurial Club); SAT Prep; Culinary Arts Club; DIY Arts & Crafts; “Girl Up” Club; Agora Club; Ceramics/Pottery Club; Yearbook Club; Model United Nations; Psychology Club; Robotics Club; SBC Broadcasting Club; Dance Club; Hiking Club; Cycling Club; and 10 different sports (see the athletics page for seasonal details)