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High School Principal Message


Welcome to SJA Jeju’s high school!  Whether you are a current or prospective family, I invite you to explore our website.  We appreciate your interest in learning more about our dynamic and exciting high school program.

Our high school is modeled after our home school – St. Johnsbury Academy in Vermont – who recently celebrated 175 years of academic excellence, storied tradition and exemplary character building.  Although we have our own unique traditions at SJA Jeju, we largely follow the home school’s example in most aspects of our academic program, including: morning assemblies, advisory, conference period, senior capstone projects, inquiry-based learning, AP College Board course options and a two-semester academic calendar.  And, of course, we have adopted SJA’s important mission of developing character, inquiry and community throughout our school in many different contexts. 

We are first and foremost a student-centered institution – which means that with each and every important decision we make, we must ask ourselves: “What would be in the best interest of our students?”  Great schools realize that learning happens all the time, and we strive to instill learning opportunities for our students everywhere – not just in our classrooms, but also in our interactions with one another and in our unwritten curriculum. 

We have also adopted SJA’s 3 promises, which I am proud and committed to make to all current students and parents on an ongoing basis.  The most significant promise, in my opinion, is quite simple: I promise to do everything in my power to help each student be the best person possible.  Indeed, our greatest charge in education is not simply to create the best students we can, but rather for us to create the best possible world citizens – students who make ethical choices and take calculated risks – in order to best prepare our graduates for the uncertain future that lies ahead.

Yours in learning,

Mr. Daniel Kriebel
High School Principal