Middle School Principal Message

In 1842, three brothers started a school on a hill overlooking the town of St. Johnsbury, Vermont.  They wanted to build an institution that would provide “intellectual and moral” training for their own children and the children in the community.  It was one of the only inclusive schools in existence at that time by enrolling both boys and girls, and addressing the needs of students who might not be college bound.  In the 180 years since its founding, SJA has effectively prepared students for success in the world including a US President (Calvin Coolidge), an Olympic athlete (Susan Dunklee), and a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist (Charles Edward Russell).

When I visited the school in Vermont this past year, what struck me was the way in which the different paths students choose to take are both supported and celebrated.  While the school has grown and evolved over the years, it has stayed true to its core values of helping each student become the best person, the best learner, and the best community member they can be.  Here at SJA Jeju, we are committed to the mission of our home school and leverage their programs to provide a unique American learning experience on the island.  

We are a student-centered middle school.  In order for our teachers to impart the content and skills of their courses, they learn about their students.  How do our students learn best?  What are their interests and passions?  We meet students where they are, and support their growth.  We are dedicated to preparing all students for the intellectual rigor of the high school Advanced Placement program.  Like our home school, we are also devoted to supporting each individual student on that journey.

We have an exciting year ahead of us in Middle School at SJA Jeju.  We will be launching a House program.  Advisories from different grade levels will combine during House activities to compete for points towards winning the House Cup.  Competitions will range from a Battle of the Books to a Lip Sync Contest to a Four Square tournament.  Additionally, we will focus on supporting our teachers to find new ways to tap into their creative and innovative talents by working across disciplines.  I am looking forward to seeing what our students are able to produce as a result of increased teacher collaboration.

Please learn more about Middle School by looking through this website.  SJA Jeju is a special place and we hope that becomes apparent the more you know about our school.  Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.


Mr. Eric Beck

Middle School Principal