Middle School Principal Message


Greetings and welcome to the SJA Jeju middle school welcome page. Our middle school serves grade 6 through 8 and our growing program is based on current “middle years research and best practice”.

Like the elementary and high school, our middle school is driven by the mission and vision of our home school, St. Johnsbury Academy Vermont, who recently celebrated 175 years of academic excellence and exemplary character building. Like the home school, our program and practice are based on the best interests of our students. We focus on building character, fostering a love of inquiry and developing a strong sense of community both locally and globally.

Our middle school program serves as an important bridge between the childhood of elementary school and the emerging young adulthood of high school. As such, our program is designed to meet the educational, developmental, social, and emotional needs unique to the young adolescent.

Middle school class sizes range between 12 and 20 students. Students take a combination of core classes and specialist classes. Core classes consist of Math, Science, Language Arts and Social Studies. All Students also take Physical Education/Health and all Korean passport holders are required to take Native Korean Langauge/History. Finally, all students can select two specialist classes from the list below:

  • World (Foreign) Languages;  Korean or Mandarin

  • The Arts; Fine Arts, Theater, Band, or Choir

In addition, the middle school has 2 specially trained teachers on the faculty to assist students who are in the early stages of English language acquisition.

The middle school years are a time of transition and change as students grow and develop. We work as a community of faculty, staff and in partnership with parents to ensure that there is a supportive environment for this development. Thank you for visiting our website and please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.


Mr. Matt Leishman
Middle School Principal