2020-2021 Learning Plan

This plan has been developed through an in-depth review of our lived experience during the 2019-20 school year and careful consideration of the feedback we have received from students, teachers, parents and administrators. We have drawn on the learning from experts on these topics and internationally renowned institutions around the world.  This plan reflects our current situation using available data, resources and best practices.  This plan is subject to change as circumstances evolve and new information becomes available.  The most current version of this plan can always be found on the school website.

2020-2021 SJA Jeju Learning Plan (English)

2020-2021 SJA Jeju 학습 플랜 (한국어)

2020-2021 SJA Jeju 学习计划 (中文版)

SJA Jeju Infectious Disease Risk Management Matrix (English / 한국어 / 中文版)