Inquiry and Project-Based Learning

SJA Jeju offers students “inquiry and project-based learning.” One important aspect of these learning is Capstone, a program conducted throughout the school’s educational levels, with major projects completed by students in each graduating grades (5, 8, and 12). This inquiry-based program is designed to show whether students have comprehensively grasped the core learning objectives of their curricula. Capstone is not a program that involves a one-time project; rather, it is designed to showcase the learning skills and abilities that students have accumulated on a daily basis over several years of study.

Student Centered Bottom-up Education

SJA Jeju emphasizes education that is bottom-up instead of top-down. At SJA Jeju, teachers are guides in the process of student centered learning, in which students mature intellectually by independently finding solutions to problems and engaging in debates and discussions with their peers. SJA Jeju also helps students find what they are passionate about so that they can engage in activities that are meaningful to them.

Capstone supports SJA Jeju's Mission

The Capstone Program is rooted in SJA Jeju’s mission of Character, Inquiry, and Community. Through the program, students develop character by choosing an altruistic theme of study, foster their sense of inquiry by applying their critical and creative thinking skills to research, and acquire a sense of community by studying a topic related to a particular region, country, or the world.