St. Johnsbury Academy Jeju is a unique academic community looking for students who want to engage in solid academic studies, discover their personal passions and think differently about the world around them.

Q1. What is the 'admissions portfolio/application'?


A. We have a highly individualized admissions process and our Admissions Committee carefully reads each individual application while paying attention to the applicant’s personal attributes, intellectual promise and academic development. 

The applicant’s ‘Admissions Portfolio/Application’ is the collection of documents, tasks (testing, visiting and interviewing) and forms required of an applicant to be considered for admissions to SJA Jeju. The applicant’s Portfolio/Application must be completed and submitted before an admissions decision can be made. All students will be interviewed.  On the day of the interview students applying for PreK-4 to grade 5 will have a class visit and students applying for Grades 3 to 11 will take an assessment test.

Q2. How do I begin the application process?


A. Most families begin the process by calling the Office of Admissions to schedule an individual tour or to sign up for an Information Session or attend an Open House. The next step is to fill out and submit the application online. An admissions representative will send you updates as your application documents arrive in the office. When the student application is complete, we will contact your family to schedule the ‘campus visit’.

Q3. What documents will be required to complete applications?



Required Documents

All Grades

Application, Recent Photo, Parent Questionnaire, and Family Relationship Certificate

Grades 2–11

Transcript Release Form, Transcript or grades for current year and transcript for the last two years

Grades 2–6

Classroom Teacher Recommendation

Grades 7–11

Math Teacher, English Teacher and Personal Recommendations

Q4. What is the age/birth date policy for students applying for PreK-3 to Grade 1?


Grade Age/Birth Date
PreK-3 Child must be age 3 on or before August 1st
PreK-4 Child must be age 4 on or before August 1st
Kinder Child must be age 5 on or before August 1st
Grade 1 Child must be age 6 on or before August 1st
Grade 2-11 Students must have completed a full year in the preceding grade

* We will not consider applicants for 12th grade due to the timeline requirements, SAT prep and Capstone exploration during our 11th grade.

Q5. Do I need to submit my application before my interview?


A. Typically, the interview is among the last steps in the admissions process. The interview is part of a ‘campus visit’ day during which applicants take assessment tests, are interviewed, and they take a tour the campus. Additionally, for grades PreK-4 to 5, a class visit is scheduled during the ‘campus visit’ day. Admissions staff will contact you to schedule the ‘campus visit’ day and interview once all application documents have been received.

Q6. What are Info Sessions, Open Houses and school tours and when do they take place?


A. Every year the Office of Admissions representatives travel to various cities in mainland Korea to host Information Sessions.  These events are a convenient way to learn about St. Johnsbury Academy Jeju before visiting us in beautiful Jeju-do. The Admissions team's presentation covers our mission, curriculum, student life and much more. One of our principals or our college counselor will also attend the event to answers questions directly from parents in a Q & A session.

SJA Jeju offers Open Houses about every two weeks on the school’s campus.  A presentation is given to all attendees and a campus tour is led by the Office of Admissions staff. Parents and applicants can see firsthand what classrooms look like, they can meet teachers and students and they can get a sense of what goes on in our classes during the day.

If our Open Houses schedule is not convenient please call our Office of Admissions to set up an individual tour of campus and a conversation with an Admissions rep.

Q7. What standardized tests are required for admission?


A. No standardized tests are required for admissions.  We will conduct our own testing and assessments.  For students applying for grades 3 -11 MAP tests in English and Math will be administered during applicants’ campus visit.   If the Office of Admissions feels a more complete picture is needed or if a student is overseas then we reserve the right to ask students to take the ISEE or SSAT.

Q8. What is the MAP test?


A. This test is taken during the ‘campus visit’ (the day of interview).   This test measures what students know and informs us as to what students are ready to learn next.  By dynamically adjusting to each student’s responses, MAP tests create a personalized assessment experience that accurately measures potential and ability.

Q9. What is SJA Jeju seeking in a prospective student?


A. We look for a broad range of students representing a variety of personalities, skill levels and passions, and we look for students who are curious, motivated, and eager to engage in all aspects of our program: academics, activities, the arts, and the community.  We seek students who are willing to take risks and try new things and who respect our three tenets of Character, Inquiry, Community.

Q10. Is SJA Jeju a religious school?


A. St. Johnsbury Academy Jeju is a nondenominational school.  This is true of our home school in the USA.  St. Johnsbury is the name of the city in Vermont where our home school is located.

Q11. Is your school accredited?


A. We’re re now an official “Candidate for Accreditation” by the New England Association of School and Colleges (NEASC). This is the same organization that accredits Harvard and MIT. This year we’ll begin our “Internal Review” with our eyes on the goal of having our full accreditation by the end of 2020.

Q12. How is the SJA Jeju academic school year like?


A. The SJA Jeju academic year follows the schedule of schools in the United States.  After a summer break our fall semester starts in August and runs until the end of the year in December.  Our second semester starts in January after our winter break and continues until mid June.

Q13. Are there after school activities or clubs?



Elementary School.

Our after-school programs are offered for grades K to 5 from 3:30 to 5:00pm. SJA Jeju proudly offers a wide range of activities in sports, recreation, service, co-curricular and fine arts which are tailored to ensure both physical and mental development and the general well-being of our students.  After School Activities are provided by SJA Jeju Teachers and Assistant Teachers and are free of charge for parents. ASAs run for an average of 8-10 weeks in each session, Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.

Middle and High School.

The ASA program encourages students to explore new subjects, to dive deeper into familiar hobbies and to use this after-school time to continue to learn and explore.   All our ASAs are run by our faculty, and the goal of our ASA program is to allow for our teachers’ passions and interests to intersect with those of our students.  Although the ASA offerings change from one school year to the next, we offer over 40 ASAs, which include several clubs that are student-led and student-initiated.

Q14. Are there advantages to enrolling in our boarding school?


A. Yes! There are many advantages to boarding.  Most boarding students say that the thing they love most about boarding school was the community atmosphere created within the school dynamic.  The outlook of teachers at boarding schools regarding their position is more of a vocation, where they become an important role model in each of their students' lives. Additionally, boarding students live with many students from different backgrounds and experiences and, therefore, they learn to appreciate and respect the perspectives of others.

Boarding students often gain a level of independence they would not have living at home. It’s ideal preparation for the challenges and responsibilities of college and adulthood.  Boarding students learn how to live with other people and develop their interpersonal skills. It’s a unique setting that promotes common experience, camaraderie, friendship, trust and honesty between students and adults.

Students don’t just get into college: they arrive at college prepared to succeed, with the ability to time-manage their college lives.

Q15. What about my day student?


A. One can be a day student at a boarding school and still reap many of the benefits offered at a boarding school. Day students partake in all campus activities that occur prior to 5:00pm, which includes the full range of opportunities in clubs, the arts and athletics. Day students do not have access to the two-hour evening study hall that residential students have. 

Q16. What is an advisory program?


A. The advisory program allows faculty to support students in their school life and to maintain lines of communication between students’ parents or guardians and the school. In addition to offering advice and assistance with academic and nonacademic issues, advisors also help students set goals, monitor the student’s academic progress, and help interpret midterm and end-of-term grade reports.  

Every student in our Middle and High School has an advisor, and there are typically 5 to 8 students in each Advisory group.  HS advisory groups meet formally three times a week and informally on Monday and Fridays during assemble.  Middle school students meet formally every day for 35 minutes.

Q17. What does your College Counseling Program offer to SJA Jeju students?


A. The SJA Jeju’s college counselor assists our high school students and their families with the college application process and the arduous task of finding a ‘best fit’ college or university.  Our College Counselor works individually with our students to expand their knowledge of universities and colleges most appropriate for each student’s academic abilities, interests and future career development. This personal connection with students and the understanding of each student’s the unique talents, aspirations, and strengths better serves our counselor to advise our college bound students in this important exploration. The college Counseling Program provides one on one meetings with students, group discussions about the college application process and parental workshops.

Q18. What is Advanced Placement?


A. The Advanced Placement program of the College Board is offered to students who have demonstrated a superior understanding of the subject matter and have signified their desire to attempt to achieve college credit for courses taken while they are still in high school (sophomores, juniors, and seniors). Many major colleges and universities, at their discretion, accept advanced placement for credit, recognizing the successful completion of an AP exam.

Our High School now offers 12 AP courses and will eventually offer up to 20 Advanced Placement courses. The courses offered in 2019 - 2020 are AP Chinese Language & Culture, AP Calculus AB, AP Calculus BC, AP Statistics, AP Chemistry, AP Physics 1, AP Environmental Science, AP Microeconomics,  AP Human Geography, AP studio Art (2D Design), AP Studio Art (Drawing), and AP Studio Art (3D Design).