Winter Sports

As in most American schools, athletics at SJA Jeju will provide a fundamental and dynamic opportunity for student learning, growth and development. At SJA Jeju, we see participation in sports as an extension of the academic program and an intense learning experience for many students.  SJA Jeju's athletic program will emphasize teamwork, discipline, fun, commitment, a strong work ethic and respect for one's teammates, coaches and opponents.

Each Season our students train and compete in multiple sports throughout multiple age groups, with a strong emphasis on inclusion across all codes. Weekly matches and jamborees against our neighboring schools within the GEC hone our skills for the season-ending KISAC tournaments. These tournaments have either schools from the mainland travelling to Jeju, or our teams travelling up to play there. We have become a popular host with our state of the art facilities. As our program continues to flourish, we will be looking at the prospect of some overseas tours.

For the Winter season, which runs from late November to February, SJA Jeju offers the following sports for students through our ASA program.

2023 Season: