Spring Sports

As in most American schools, athletics at SJA Jeju will provide a fundamental and dynamic opportunity for student learning, growth and development. At SJA Jeju, we see participation in sports as an extension of the academic program and an intense learning experience for many students.  SJA Jeju's athletic program will emphasize teamwork, discipline, fun, commitment, a strong work ethic and respect for one's teammates, coaches and opponents.

During our 2017/18 inaugural school year, SJA Jeju successfully competed in several tournaments and games around the GEC.  We co-hosted our first-ever basketball tournament in March and our Boys’ Soccer Team won its first-ever tournament at NLCS this spring!  Although we primarily compete against our neighborhood schools in the GEC, some teams may occasionally travel to the mainland for special tournaments and increased competition.  We are a proud member of the KISAC (Korean International Schools Athletic Conference) and we compete in the sports relevant to our league’s seasonal schedule.

For the Spring 2019 season, which runs from March to May, SJA Jeju seeks to offer the following sports for students through our ASA program.


2019 Season:

Middle School

  • Boys Basketball
  • Girls Basketball
  • Boys Tennis
  • Girls Tennis
  • Boys Track and Field
  • Girls Track and Field


High School

  • Boys Soccer
  • Girls Soccer
  • Boys Badminton
  • Girls Badminton
  • Boys Track and Field
  • Girls Track and Field