Welcome from Shinsegae Food, who, from August 2023, have started the operation of the cafeteria at St. Johnsbury Academy Jeju. 

St. Johnsbury Academy Jeju is known as a leader in education innovation, and Shinsegae Food seeks to create positive experiences and value in our special relationship with SJA Jeju this year.

Shinsegae Food has established a reputation for reliable operations and courteous service. We have a general manager (nutritionist) and a chef assigned specifically to the school cuisine this year. We also strive to increase customer satisfaction by maintaining open lines of communication with the institution.

  The basis of creating our food and beverage products is the menu R&D team. It is a global menu, and every recipe takes into account the nutrients for each meal.

We also have the recently added snack provision. The snacks are provided by Shinsegae Food, which also uses our company's manufacturing facility, which makes a variety of items. This will give children access to a variety of nutritious foods that reflect their tastes.

Additionally, from preparation to service, we think that hygiene cannot be compromised. We will serve you a meal that is both clean and secure thanks to our careful hygiene management and procedures that provide you with a safe and hygienic meal.

All students and staff will enjoy a pleasant meal thanks to the ongoing research and provision of the best service and delicious food from Shinsagae at St. Johnsbury Academy Jeju.  We also want to give you a great Shinsegae culinary and culture experience.