St. Johnsbury Academy Jeju school counselors provide services to students, parents, school staff and the community in the following areas:  School Counseling Curriculum, Responsive Services, and Individual Student Support.

The School Counseling Curriculum consists of structured lessons designed to help students attain the desired competencies and to provide all students with the knowledge, attitudes and skills appropriate for their developmental level.

The curriculum is embedded into the school’s overall curriculum and is systematically presented by school counselors in collaboration with other professional educators in K-12 classrooms and group activities.

Responsive Services are activities designed to meet students’ immediate needs and concerns. Responsive services may include counseling in individual or small-group settings or crisis response. 

Individual Student Support consists of ongoing systemic activities designed to assist students in establishing personal goals and developing future plans.

At SJA Jeju school counselors work to ensure the social, emotional and academic success of students. The Counseling Program is designed to be preventative and developmental.