Director of Residential Life Message

Boarding and being away from your child can be a daunting experience whether you live in Korea or as an international parent to your child whether in grade 6 or in grade 12. It can present a wide array of challenges and difficulties for both the child and the parents. Here at St. Johnsbury Academy Jeju, we are committed to alleviating some of the issues by giving students lots of opportunities to develop skills and character strengths while providing a safe supervised environment that allows them to achieve academically. 

We currently have 13 proctors split across the boys' and girls’ dormitories who are on hand to steer, guide, and advise your children to make healthy decisions of both a personal and academic nature. All students should be able to enjoy their time in boarding, and we promote a non-bullying environment where your child can find their passions and make lifelong friends. In addition, we will have Middle school and High school teachers supporting students throughout the weekend across numerous activities.

Throughout the Residential Life program, we are working towards developing a weekend schedule that offers students opportunities to develop their interests, work on life skills or simply socialize with their friends and peers. The direction this takes will be very much student driven to ensure we offer activities that students and parents want to participate in.  Whether your child is interested in developing their sporting skills, visiting different areas of Jeju-do, or giving back to the wider community, the program will cater to every child’s interests.

The study is also a very important aspect of boarding; students are given daily opportunities to work independently on homework and assignments formally. Adult supervision is also given, and students can take advantage of the proctoring staff's diverse range of skills and passions when they feel it is required. Developing study skills and strategies can really focus on your child and help them achieve their full potential. Having a group of peers on hand to discuss and collaborate with also offers some unique opportunities not available to day students.

I am delighted to work in the Residential Life program. I know the school and program have a very student-centered vision, and I am delighted to be a part of the process. I can promise that the whole residential staff team wants your child/children to succeed and fulfill their potential and we will endeavor to deliver a structured, consistent approach to those under our care. If you require more information about the program, please read the handbook on the website or feel free to contact me directly.

Yours Sincerely,

Mr. Mark Ramsey

Director of Residential Life