Jeju Global Education City (GEC) Business Competition

The first annual GEC Business Competition recently took place in April with several SJA Jeju teams winning very prestigious awards. The GEC Business Copetition is designed to challenge students with an interest in business and economics to compete with one another. The competition this year was split into two sections, the stock market challenge, and the entrepreneurship challenge. The stock market challenge, and gave students 1 million USD on January 3rd and let them invest virtual money in the real stock market. At the end of the competition teams would be judged on the amount gained or lost as well as their overall strategy and rationale for buying stocks. The entrepreneurship challenge gave students the task of opening a restaurant in the GEC and developing a business plan to be successful. Students were required to create business plans, advertising content, calculate earnings/losses, create a menu, etc. Teams could choose if they wanted to do both challenges or just one, however, in order to receive the most prestigious awards, you had to participate in both challenges.

St. Johnsbury Academy Jeju students flocked to the business challenge voluntarily both in Middle School and High School. Due to the high number of Middle School participants, the competition administrators choose to only allow the top 3 Middle School teams to compete with the High School, while the remaining teams would compete for a Middle School award. The following awards were given to SJA Jeju teams in the competition:

Combined Challenge Awards

GEC Business Competition Middle School Champions

  • Team God Bell: Jisoo Moon, Seung Hyeon Lee, Hyun Been Bae, Jun Lee

GEC Business Competition 3rd Place

  • Team WSYB: Si Eun Park, Junsang Park, Seah Kim

GEC Business Competition 2nd Place (Runners-up)

  • Team MBS: Min Gyu Lee, Yun Seo Heo, Che Won Han, Seung Ho Choi

GEC Business Competition 1st Place

  •  Team Guck: Chan Hee Jung, SeoYeon Yang, HyunKyo Kim, Siheon Lee


Stock Market Awards

The Next Warren Buffet Award (Given to the team with highest returns in the stock market)

  • Team Moon Rabbit Mill: GeonWoo Ko, Subin Hong, Hyunoh Yeo, Wonjae Lee

Stock Market Competition Runner Up

  • Team Busibee: Junyeong Moon, Chaewon Lee, Sangwoo Kwon, Donghyun Yoon


Honorable Mentions

  • Orange Team: Andrew Cho, Joon Kim, Sarah Yoo


We would like to offer congratulations and thank you to all of the teams at SJA Jeju that participated and encourage interested students to compete in next year's GEC Business Competition.