Rainbow Hope Project at SJA Jeju

SJA Jeju's PreK team launched a Rainbow Hope Project this month to teach students about taking initiative to spread hope. Students were invited to use chalk to draw rainbows on the floor outside or draw rainbows to display on their windows. Soon after, the SJA Jeju community jumped on board with many teachers inviting their students to do the same.

The PreK team consists of Teresa Arrastia, Elizabeth Martinez, Cindy Chen, Tanya Cooper, and Sabreen Gunsby. They had been teaching the topic of 'kindness,' so when this idea came up, the puzzle fit perfectly. They immediately created a video of instructions, since most PreK students have not begun reading, and received lot of pictures from happy students spreading smiles and rainbows.

This year's PreK team takes great emphasis on mindfulness, which includes practicing gratitude and having self-control. Throughout the school year, they had been practicing mindful eating, mindful breathing, and mindful coloring.

Cindy Chen, an Early Childhood PK4 teacher at SJA Jeju said, "We wanted students to remember that they are in control of how they react in difficult times. They can choose to act in a positive way and lift the spirits of those around them. We have created a Rainbow community where 'hope' can be found around every corner."