First Ever Girls' Soccer Match


On Wednesday, September 19th, 2018, SJA Jeju Middle School Students made history as the first ever Girls' Soccer Team to play an inter-school match! The team played Branksome Hall  Asia Away with a group of 9 enthusiastic girls, ready to go. This was SJA Jeju's first ever meeting as a tear..let alone playing in a match and all of the girls brought their "A" game and had a lot of fun.

We had superstar strikers Hanbi and Rachel carving it up upfront. The guts and engine in our midfield were Seeah and Irene, solid defenders were Ella, Julia, and Subin. Finally, our amazing goalies were Sophie and Soyoug who volunteered to share the important role of goalkeeping for this match. They made some great saves and worked hard, the whole team and coaches felt proud of them. The halftime scoresheet showed 0-1 and finished off the game as 0-6.

Coaches Kirsten Ries and Steve Nam said, "We felt a lot of pride in the character and sportsmanship these girls showed. Especially since the second half was played against BHS's "A" team! Everyone had smiles on their faces and thoroughly enjoyed themselves. We were happy to see a few SJA Jeju parent supporters who came along also."

We were sad to be missing one player, Minseo, to an illness but will be glad to have her back with us for our next game against KIS.

Keep your eyes out for our fantastic women in sport from SJA Jeju at the upcoming KISAC Soccer tournament this November hosted by BHA.