Four Points Film Project 2019

SJA Jeju High School had its momentous celebration of students’ cinematic achievements in its annual festival screening.  Typically, the school has had internal competitions of film students where groups of students compete against other teams of students within the school in the course of 48 hours.  However, this time things were different; the four teams of students and one team of teachers were not only competing against each other, but against more than one hundred teams across the globe to make a complete film in 77 hours.  All the teams in Asia were given the same requirements: a prop (tweezers), a line of dialogue (“It’s quite windy outside right now”), and a character (Hok Su-Yun, teacher), and each team received a different genre.  The student teams got drama, superhero, noir, and time travel and the teacher team received mistaken identity. 

The screening was a wild success.  Students and faculty enjoyed all the films thoroughly, often bursting into laughter at the sight of a friend or a teacher delivering an impressive moment of acting.  Talent and hard work were evident in each single project.  But the judges could only choose one to be the local winner.  The winning film was also chosen as top 15 by the 48 Hour Film Project company that hosts the global competition, and it is eligible for Audience Award.  Even though it was a fierce competition, the winning film was The Shell, produced by Shoot It Films and directed by JiAn Lee.  Everything about the film was special; impeccable acting, a tight script, unique cinematography, creative use of the requirements, and quite the surprise ending.  We urge you to help this team of students get the Audience Award by going to the links below and voting for it.  Voting closes December 15.  Mr. Gonzalez, the filmmaking teacher in charge of the competition in Jeju and all the faculty at SJA Jeju are extremely proud of all the hard work and creative collaboration put forth by the students. 

Link to view the top 15 Films up for Audience Award:

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