Fundraising Event: Rose Sales at the Annual Festival of the Arts

SJA Jeju is pleased to share that our Middle school/High school after school club, Service Learning has had another successfully organized fundraising event. 

Students collaboratively researched a need in our local Jeju community. After considering several options students decided that the local orphanage ‘The Angel’s House’ was a great choice. This orphanage has 70 children and 20 teachers, aiming to give orphans a better future and a better chance in society. The orphanage also conducts many community services, like health education and no-smoking campaigns. The students of the Service Learning Club are donating useful items, such as toiletries, to the orphanage from the funds raised from selling the roses at SJA Jeju First Annual Festival of the Arts. 

Suzy Song and Kendra Perkins, Service Learning Club Leaders, said “We are so proud of our Service Learning Club for working so hard to find a great local cause to support. It takes a lot of planning, collaboration and hard work to successfully manage a whole school fundraiser”.

More information about the orphanage can be found at (available in Korean language only).