High School Students' Drama Production & Performance


The vision of this production of 'Short Scenes" was to create fast-paced snippets of life- both realistic and imaginary moments to trigger the imagination. Our 21-century reliance on short bursts of entertainment from viewing television, the Internet and personal devices provided inspiration for this performance. The quick drama scenes resembled our daily passing with one another, and quick interactions with the world.

The students in the production rehearsed twice weekly as part of season one After School Activities and they quickly formed a tight ensemble to hone the characters in multiple scenes. The technical audio and visual elements evolved and were coordinated by the directors and the student technician team, as the drama scenes were brought to life. Three of the actor's also served as student directors working on the development of selected scenes, and being guided the SJA Jeju teaching faculty. The process was organically creative and allowed everyone to be creatively involved.

Additionally, the show's success was in utilizing the PAC's state of the art theater with dazzling lights, projection image-theater, and amazing audio amplification. In the end, SJA Jeju's remarkable high school students had the courage to take their dramatic talents to the stage and be part of the first HS production at SJA Jeju.