SJA Jeju Faculty vs Varsity Basketball Match

2nd of April 2019, a date that will forever be remembered.

11 battle-hardened veterans, banded together and returned, much against doctors' orders, for one last show of defiance.

The opponents, representing the next generation, looked like gazelles as they warmed up. Their well-drilled routine mesmerized the crowd that was bustling into the bleachers. They could be seen smirking between layups as we struggled with bellies and bad hips to tie our dusty sneakers. 

4 pm arrived and the referee signaled for th4e starting lineups to take their positions. 5 brave volunteers rose out of our huddle and loped gingerly onto the court. We struggled to get any early rhythm, 12 points down after 5 minutes, it wasn't looking good. TIME OUT! We all gathered around and between gasps and wheezes, we decided on a change of plan. Man on Man marking.

Our tactics yielded quick results, they were rattled. We hadn't taken our game to another level, but rather dragged their game down to the murky basement we had been playing in. The students couldn't get back in the game and when we began burying 3 pointers, we had closed the deficit.

We managed to limp through to the final whistle, withstanding a late charge from the students and coming out victorious 49-48. A fantastic afternoon, a great crowd and no better way to build school spirit.