SJA Jeju High School Students' Musical: Aladdin Jr.

The musical 'Aladdin Jr.' was performed by SJA Jeju high school students on November 15th, 2019.

The vision for this production of Aladdin Jr. was spearheaded by two high school grade 12 students last May. Kyu Hyeon Cho and Na Eun Jang proposed the idea and were the student leaders that rallied the cast and crew together. The production was student-led from the start to the finish. Students self-taught themselves all the music and practiced independently and together to master the musical score. Students handled communication, costume procurement, created choreography and operated all the technical elements of the projection imagery, lighting, and radio microphones. Various students also assisted with set decorations and constructed and painted all the stage scenery under the supervision of the HS Art teacher.

The students initially rehearsed for two hours weekly. As the production date becomes near students gathered until the evening hours polishing and finishing dance numbers and acting scenes while merging all the technical elements.

The show was viewed by the elementary, middle, and high school communities. It was the passionate drive of the high school students that made this show happen. The teachers were available to advise and make recommendations. But ultimately the students led this show and can take full credit for its success. The process allowed for everyone to be creatively involved. SJA Jeju's exceptional high school students had the grit and determination to take their dramatic, musical and dance talents to the stage and be part of the first HS musical production at SJA Jeju.

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