SJA Jeju High School's Semester End Art Exhibition

The SJA Jeju High School Art Department will be celebrating the hard work of high school students with its Semester End Art Exhibition.  Selected student works from Fine Arts, Sculpture, Digital Photography, and Graphic Design will be on display at the common area of the PAC starting December 6, 2019.

Fine Arts and Sculpture instructor Kristine Emerson will be exhibiting her student’s most recent artworks. Art 1 students created large scale acrylic paintings of something personal to them. They used a variety of skills and techniques to achieve different effects in these projects. Art 1 students are also displaying their favorite sketchbook drawing they completed from the entire semester and their ceramic vase project. Introduction to Sculpture students will be displaying recent ceramic pieces as well; one being a vessel inspired by the ocean.

Graphic Design instructor, Danielle Carriveau, selected works from the assortment of self-directed projects done by the students, which required independently learning new tools in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator and built on the foundation skills they had already learned in class. Some of these projects were done as ‘real-world’ projects in which designs were submitted to agencies for possible publication or production. Despite being an introductory course, these works show students’ drive to improve and achieve their artistic vision.

Digital Photography instructor Edward Gonzalez selected student photographs that focus on various compositional strategies and artistic techniques.  The selected photographs stand out as single pieces and demonstrate a unique approach to compositional understanding.  Likewise, there will be works that display the cohesion of a photographic series, tied together by a thematic link.  The Digital Photography exhibit is the product of various exercises undertaken in the course and portray the artistic expression and technical grasp of individual students at their best.

The exhibit will open on December 6th and last all the way through December and January.  Please take the time to enjoy the beautiful and creative works of art made possible by the resilient spirit of SJA Jeju high school students. 


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