SJA Jeju Secondary Students' Campus Art Project

Under the leadership of our secondary school Art Teachers, Ms. Emerson (High School) and Ms. Montagne (Middle School), our art students created a large and colorful permanent installation of "Art Cubes" in the secondary courtyard.

The High School Art Club was responsible for three of the four 2.5 meter by 2.5 meter cubes nestled between this Middle and High School buildings. These students used their After-School-Activities time to plan for their large murals. Some students worked in partners and others chose to complete their large 2.5m square mural independently. Middle School art students worked in teams of three to six students to design and execute their plans. Students collaborated to transfer their ideas into many of their first ever large-scale paintings.

Together they learned how to prime their "canvas," use spray paint and outdoor paint, and combine each team members' ideas into one cohesive mural. Students were inspired by contemporary street art and graffiti art styles, images drawn from well-known stories, and ideas or experiences that inspired each group.

These cubes are permanent installations intended to bring our school community closer together and provide a vibrant space for students and faculty to gather spend time with one another. The plan is to have the murals change yearly to highlight the talents and interests of students as they advance through our secondary school program and give a variety of artists the opportunity to work on a large scale and exhibit their work in a unique way.

We are lucky that SJA Jeju is so supportive of the arts and enables our students to explore different ways to beautify our campus. It is so exciting to see more color popping up around the schools!