SJA Jeju Secondary Students' Model United Nations (MUN)

Model United Nations (MUN) is a high-level of debate, discussion, and interactive experience for middle and high school students. At MUN conferences students participate in committees acting the role of nations from all over the world. They debate real-time crisis and ideas such as, but not limited to: the refugee crisis from Syria and Yemen, air quality in Asia, the AIDS epidemic in Africa, women's equality in the developing world, and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Within each conference, students will give impassioned speeches highlighting their knowledge of the events and their ideas of how to resolve, or at least better them using the resources of the country that they represent. Then working with the other nations represented they troubleshoot and draft resolutions to best combat these problems. Confidence in speaking, cooperation with others and a better understanding of international relationships are but a few of the skills that students will hone as part of joining MUN at SJA Jeju.

In our inaugural year, SJA Jeju's MUN club consisted of nine students, attending conferences within the GEC and in Seoul (the first trip off Jeju for any SJA Jeju group). This past November we attended the first JEJUMUN conference in the Global Education City (consisting of SJA Jeju, KIS, BHA, and NLCS Jeju) with 20 students. This coming March will see over a dozen schools from 6 nations attending the fifth GECMUN conference where SJA Jeju will field close to two dozen representatives. Finally, in April of this year, we will be attending a conference in Taiwan (TASMUN, also the first international trip by an SJA Jeju group) where we will compete against students from over 20 schools and 50 countries. At SJA Jeju we truly believe that these experiences will better prepare our students in future collaboration efforts, schooling, and work.

Mr. Jonathan Sceerey, a Middle School social studies teacher at SJA Jeju said, "This world is often a scary and dangerous place, but as we prepare the next generation for the future we truly hope that they will avoid the mistakes of the past and work together to form a better global community."