The 2nd Annual SJA Jeju 48 Hour Filmmaking Competition

The 2nd Annual SJA Jeju 48 Hour Filmmaking Competition was a wild success! Forty-five students from both high and middle school were divided into five teams, competing against each other and against time itself to complete a short narrative film.

The competition kicked off on Friday night April 19, 2019, as the teams received their genres, the line of dialogue and prop that had to make an appearance in each film. The genres each team received were as followed: science fiction, crime/mystery, superpowers, fantasy, and buddy film. The line of dialogue was, "Is it dead or alive?" and the prop, or object, was a golden pill. The students then dispersed into writing rooms to brainstorm and write their films.

What followed during the next two days was an electric energy of collaboration, creativity, and absolute fun. Each team had to grapple with the required elements in very unique ways, and in the end, they succeeded. Each team completed their film on time and the final results were very well made movies, each composed of very interesting filmmaking techniques and right-on-target genre motifs.

Even though everyone was exhausted on Monday morning, everyone was really happy about the whole experience. A panel of judges made up of teachers from the elementary, middle, and high schools had the daunting task of selecting a winning film, which is announced after the screening of films. When high school film teacher, Mr. Edward Gonzalez, who hosted the event, asked all the students if they had a good time, everyone yelled nonsensical versions of yeses and yaaasss."