Annual Festival of the Arts

The SJA Jeju Annual Festival of the Arts is a celebration of our students' and teachers' love of the visual and performing arts. It merges with our yearlong Artists in Residence (AiR) program that brings world-class artists from multiple disciplines to our school. Over the upcoming years we hope to instill a love for the creative arts and innovation, imbued with the spirit of community and collaboration.

Envisioned as a yearly event and based on the concept that art can be collaborative and should build community, the Festival brings together the Elementary, Middle and High Schools so that students of different ages can combine their talents and exhibit their progress in achieving their artistic dreams.

Our Festival reflects the growing trend in contemporary art that tasks artists with raising the awareness of critical issues in society. Our mission of building "community" is embedded in the essence of the Festival, which through collaboration and the examination of our place in a complex, ever-changing world, will enable our students to become active, compassionate members of the global community.

Last year's Festival had 3 professional visiting artists (1 fine artist and 2 dramatists) coming to work with our SJA Jeju artistic team in developing arts projects that culminated with showings and performances on May 26th, 2018. Last year's theme was about discovery, journey, and forging identity. The Festival's motto was "Creativity takes courage."