Elementary Arts


Visual Arts

The SJA Jeju Elementary art room is designed around the nationally recognized and research-backed “Teaching for Artistic Behavior” (TAB) philosophy. Through a choice based methodology, students have the opportunity to decide on the material and content of their artwork, and work within loose deadlines at their own pace. The idea is simple: students are artists and the art room is their studio. Students engage in mini-lessons based on different art materials, techniques, or skilled artists that give inspiration and information for growth and development in their own art-making. Children have authentic and reflective experiences as artists as they learn to develop their own creative ideas and overcome the challenges that come with this process. This philosophy of guiding learning in the arts supports multiple modes of learning to meet the diverse needs of all students, and offers freedom of movement to engage learners who require movement to focus.


Students’ music experience at SJA Jeju is based on the Orff approach – an integrative approach to teaching music that brings movement, speech, and drama into music classroom and engages students through creative problem solving and play.

Students also study standard notation through recorder and many percussion instruments. They experience music from around the world, learn about instruments of the orchestra, compose their own music using both the instruments in the classroom and their laptops, and make musical connections to other subjects. Most importantly, students in music are provided authentic musical experiences in which they are in charge. This develops confident, life-long musicians and creative problem solvers.