Performing Arts



SJA Jeju music courses are designed to build performance skills in both Vocal and Instrumental studies at all levels. Skills are developed through individual instruction as well as ensembles. The focus of the ensembles is Band and Choir. Classes are available at the entry/beginning as well as the intermediate and advanced levels.

Students explore music through their instruments and voices in solo, small group and larger ensemble settings. Band students have the opportunity to learn a variety of brass, woodwind and percussion instruments and to collaborate in a Concert Band. Choral students have the opportunity to learn vocal practices and collaborate in Concert Choir.

SJA Jeju music students also participate in local and regional music festivals with other schools. Performance opportunities are provided throughout the year to showcase the development and talent of our student musicians.


SJA Jeju drama courses develop the whole person through an exploration of physical movement, imaginative and intellectual thinking, emotions, integration of aesthetics, and social collaboration. Our drama program focuses on the skill development of being a creator, director, performer, designer, historian and patron.

Students can use and apply drama skills in professional careers ranging from business, law, social sciences, politics or pursue an in depth major in the Arts. The overarching focus in studying drama is to foster a positive self-concept in students and the way they interact in the world.

Students have opportunity to foster drama skills in the classroom by developing scene studies, create original performances and explore the range of theatre styles and elements. These lead to performances both in the classroom, and for the community.