Visual Arts

SJA Jeju Visual Arts courses are designed to be both enjoyable and challenging for our students. Our approach to art education is based on inquiry and exploration.  Building upon the skills and concepts obtained in middle school, high school instruction places emphasis on expanding the use of creative thinking, problem-solving, and technique mastery. The foundational courses are designed to introduce students to various mediums and processes while supporting a diverse level of experience and skills in fine arts and multimedia arts.  Each year, the number of course offerings expands, aligning with growing interests and the increasing student population. The current visual arts foundational courses are:

Art Foundation 

 Introduction to Sculpture

Filmmaking Foundation

Introduction to Graphic Design

Digital Photography

Students may develop their artistic skills further by electing advanced courses or a special topics course.  These courses allow students to focus on a particular area while enriching the tools and conceptual knowledge of an art form.  The current visual arts advanced and special topics courses are:

AP Art (2D, Drawing, or 3D)

 Intermediate Art

Intermediate Filmmaking

Directing/Acting for Film


Digital Film Editing

All visual arts courses emphasize the development of individual creative skillfulness as well as the use of professional materials, processes, technologies, and software.  Students grapple with multiple stages of production, from brainstorming to editing and exhibiting, in order to create art pieces that demonstrate a rich understanding of visual arts concepts.  The courses culminate in end-of-semester art shows as well as the creation of individual portfolios, thus celebrating and tracking the multitiered learning experience of the art student.  


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